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My First Dressed Meeting 2  by Tiffany Woods
Story Synopsis: I had met my first man in my full girly regalia and after my carpark "taster" he took me back to his house...
Rated XXX / Series / Complete / Aug 07, 2005

Homo-Sexuality | Humiliation | Very High Heels

Brave New Women's World!  by sissy cindy lynn
Story Synopsis: This is a story I wrote some years back that was published, just in case it may look familiar to you. This is my vision of the future, enjoy!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Jul 18, 2005

Chastity | Cuckold | Female Dominant | Hormones | Humiliation | Maid / French Maid | Petticoats / Crinolines | Surgery

Adventures of a Devoted Sissy Slave  by Daphne Lewis
Story Synopsis: A submissive sissy recounts some of the fabulous adventures she has enjoyed in the enslavement of a cruel and powerful Mistress.
Rated X / Series / Chapters Pending / Jul 07, 2005

Bimbo/Slut | Bondage | Chastity | Discipline | Female Dominant | Humiliation | Maid / French Maid | Very High Heels

My First Dressed Meeting  by Tiffany Woods
Story Synopsis: I had been wooed on line by my male friend for weeks - chatroom first then on webcam - now I was meeting him in realtime for the first time - my first man!
Rated X / Series / Complete / Jul 06, 2005

Homo-Sexuality | Male Dominant

The Best Mistress In The World  by Daphne Lewis
Story Synopsis: A Mistress comes to the aid of her beleaguered sissy maid...and shows everybody who's Boss
Rated R / Non-Series / Complete / Jul 04, 2005

Female Dominant | Maid / French Maid

A Teasing Sissies Well Asked For Warehouse Rape  by DIXIE CD
Story Synopsis: For years his secret and safe behind closed doors fetish for cross dressing had led to up that unforgettable night. While he had become a now and then cruising park cocksucker, it was merely foreplay for his impending group gang bang rape while being forced to dress as a slutty sissy girl.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Jun 28, 2005

Bimbo/Slut | Bondage | Breast Forms / False Vagina | Homo-Sexuality | Male Dominant

My Prison Sissy Rape (or was it?)  by DIXIE CD
Story Synopsis: The first of many of my CD stories involving new feminine sexual urges, feelings, discoveries and how wonderful stiff cock truly is. Enjoy and look for many more from this well read online author. Email comments most welcomed and appreciated. Are you in the mood to do some clitty tugging? You will be hon!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Jun 24, 2005

Female Dominant | Homo-Sexuality | Hormones | Humiliation | Male Dominant | Sex Toys

Candy's First Shopping Trip  by Candy Sissiboi
Story Synopsis: Petticoat punishment & public humiliation fetish gets a sissy in deeper than expected!
Rated R / Non-Series / Complete / Jun 22, 2005

Age Regression | Discipline | Humiliation

My Wedding  by Connie Darling
Story Synopsis: Short story about a sissy's special wedding day and the sexy reception that follows.
Rated X / Non-Series / Complete / Jun 21, 2005

Bride / Wedding Dress | Homo-Sexuality

Sissy Seduction  by Trish
Story Synopsis: A night of seduction and hot love making between a sissy and her Mistress. Short story details the seduction from the first kiss to the final climatic moment.
Rated X / Non-Series / Complete / Jun 21, 2005

Female Dominant

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