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A Nasty Daddy Gets Ahold of Naughty Sissy Candy by Candy Sissiboi - Candy's sissybaby fantasies lead to all sorts of naughty-n-nasty thingies being done by a Daddy to Candy.
Rated X / Non-Series / Complete / Jan 30, 2011
Candy the Sissy Whore by Candy Sissiboi - Extreme public humiliation awaits Sissy Candy at the hands of her TG Mistress Mommy when a rough trade nightclub is visited.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Apr 15, 2007
Candy's First Shopping Trip by Candy Sissiboi - Petticoat punishment & public humiliation fetish gets a sissy in deeper than expected!
Rated R / Non-Series / Complete / Jun 22, 2005
Jungle Discipline by Candy Sissiboi - A sissy goes to a strip club for a public paddling and winds up as the slave of the biggest meanest stripper there!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Mar 02, 2010
One Week After Candy's First Shopping Trip by Candy Sissiboi - Getting lots of the paddle and public humiliation pushes Candy forward into a life of sissy slavery!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Feb 12, 2012
The Humiliation and Entrapment of a Male Maid by Candy Sissiboi - A sissy gets in over her head and totally trapped with public humiliation and paddlings at the start, then winds up as a cocksucking whore in an adult bookstore under the control of a black master, who adds further humiliations to the sissy!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Apr 12, 2009

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