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All of the main features on Club Sissy are available for free, and I intend on keeping it that way...forever.  However, as with any site that's worth a damn, there are expenses.  Not only does it cost to host the site, but there's also a tremendous amount of time involved in updating the site and answering support questions. I'm just one person, and I appreciate anything and everything you can do to help out.

As a way of encouraging folks to give, I am offering a special incentive. If you contribute $30 or more, you'll receive a full year of unlimited access to the archive of images! You'll also receive notifications when new ads are posted in your area, and be able to post more of your own images. (Learn More).

3 AVAILABLE OPTIONS: InnerFemale, Amazon (online & retail), and CoinStar

1) InnerFemale + ClubSissy (2 for 1) - Contribute to InnerFemale.com and receive full credit on ClubSissy. InnerFemale was created by the owner of ClubSissy, and features blogs, groups, event calendar, surveys, friends list, chat, photo galleries, etc.


  1. Visit http://www.innerfemale.com
  2. Click on "Donate" button on home page (after site intro.)
  3. Submit payment information, including username/email where prompted
  4. Submit form at https://www.clubsissy.com/thankyou.php with transaction details
Let me know if you have any questions.

Note: Transaction will appear on your statement as "PAYPAL *JINFEM, 4029357733, CA".

2) Amazon Gift Certificate / Gift Card - A trusted and anonymous way to reward me for my efforts.  If you enjoy the site, please consider this option.  While $30 is required for the special incentive, even the minimum ($5) would mean the world to me!  :) 

Gift Certificate Instructions (Online):
  1. Visit Amazon.Com
  2. If you have an Amazon.com account, enter your email and password for that account. Otherwise (or for privacy reasons), enter a new email and click the button by "No, I am a new customer".
  3. When prompted for a recipient email, enter clubsiss@clubsissy.com. For privacy reasons, you're welcome to leave the "To" and "From" blank.  
  4. Once you've completed the purchase, submit the form at https://www.clubsissy.com/thankyou.php using the Amazon Transaction ID as "Transaction ID".
Note: Transaction will appear on your statement as "Amazon.com, AMZN.COM/BILL, WA".

Gift Card Instructions (Retail Stores):
  1. Visit one of the retail stores listed at https://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1000465651 and purchase a gift card for $25 or more
  2. On the back of the card that you purchased, you will find a scratch off strip.
  3. Submit that code (as "Redemption Code"), exact amount, and username at https://www.clubsissy.com/thankyou.php.

3) CoinStar (NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!) - Worried about paying by credit card or don't trust Amazon with your information?  CoinStar is the perfect solution!  Just take your spare change to your nearest CoinStar machine (Find A Machine). The machine will count all your change and you can turn it into an Amazon GC. It actually prints out a receipt with a redemption code number and amount of coins you deposited (No ID required). Best of all there is NO FEE! All you have to do then is submit the "Redemption Code", exact amount, and username at https://www.clubsissy.com/thankyou.php .

Finding a Machine - When searching for a machine, make sure to set "Select a Product" to "eCertificates" and then choose "Amazon.com Gift Certificate" from the choices that appear. 

Don't Have Change? - Some machines accept cash, but this appears to be pretty limited.  If you don't have change lying around, just go to your nearest bank and ask for a roll of quarters.  :)

Need Help? - If you need help with any of this, just shoot me an email using the Feedback Form.  I'd be glad to help with any questions.

SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!!! - Even after you've sent your information to me, please make sure to save your receipt.  We're all human, and are prone to typos.  I'll send you a reply once the transaction is complete.  

Special thanks to Richelle for bringing CoinStar to my attention.  You're the best!  :)

Can't Contribute? Link to us!  Put a link to ClubSissy on your site, on your profile, in groups that you belong to, on message boards, etc.  The less time that I need to spend "spreading the word", the more time I can spend on the site itself.  If you need help with this, let me know.

Thanks for visiting ClubSissy, and thanks in advance for any support you can provide.

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