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A Teasing Sissies Well Asked For Warehouse Rape by DIXIE CD - For years his secret and safe behind closed doors fetish for cross dressing had led to up that unforgettable night. While he had become a now and then cruising park cocksucker, it was merely foreplay for his impending group gang bang rape while being forced to dress as a slutty sissy girl.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Jun 28, 2005
Becoming a Construction Site Sissy for All by DIXIE CD - Moving out, living on my own and getting a job turns out quite different than I expected
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Apr 23, 2011
Dixie and Tanya's Wild Day of Submissive CD Group Sex. by DIXIE CD - Being ever bit as slutty and submissive as I am, my CD sister Tayna showed up at my county home just in the nick of time to help me service that large horny group of selfish masculine road pavers! Bordering on wild selfishness at times, it was the kind of gang bang scene, any true bitch faggot would treasure forever!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Mar 27, 2006
From Cop To Cock Sucker by DIXIE CD - Officer Dick Murphy's incredible journey from complete straightness into a forbidden secret world of homosexual adventure and discoveries. A mind boggling trip that’s hard to believe. Definite jacking material.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Apr 07, 2007
My Prison Sissy Rape (or was it?) by DIXIE CD - The first of many of my CD stories involving new feminine sexual urges, feelings, discoveries and how wonderful stiff cock truly is. Enjoy and look for many more from this well read online author. Email comments most welcomed and appreciated. Are you in the mood to do some clitty tugging? You will be hon!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Jun 24, 2005
Two CD Sissies Night of Total Reckless Slutiness by DIXIE CD - It was a contest behind closed doors to determine the Gay Club's best Cocksucker of the Year award. While that was indeed hot, the no-holds-barred orgy that followed was indeed far more erotic and wild.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Jan 22, 2007

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