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Lee's Forced Sissy Training  by Suzanne High-Heels
Story Synopsis: Lee is sent for more treatment at the hands of Gemma and Victoria Stiletto. He is expertly sissified, diapered and thoroughly humiliated
Rated X / Non-Series / Complete / Apr 07, 2007

Age Regression | Female Dominant | Humiliation | Infantilism

My Coming Out (Part 4)  by Shelley
Story Synopsis: Caught out in her workplace, Shelley has been subjected to 2 years of "conditioning" as a sissy. The festive season approaches and Shelley is being taken out to a public social occasion for the first time since submitting to Rob, her subordinate in that other life. Unfortunately for Shelley, the occasion is the annual Xmas party at her old place of employment and she has been partnered with the Office gay.
Rated XXX / Series / Chapters Pending / Apr 02, 2007

Bimbo/Slut | Blackmail | Bondage | Discipline | Homo-Sexuality | Humiliation | Male Dominant

My Coming Out (Part 3)  by Shelley
Story Synopsis: Shelley, against her wishes, has been made to feel like a real woman for the first time. Dressed in sexy slutty attire and full of cum, she now faces the humiliation of being exposed to all her previous workmates at their office Xmas party
Rated XXX / Series / Chapters Pending / Apr 02, 2007

Bimbo/Slut | Homo-Sexuality | Male Dominant

Tina's Fantasy  by tina sloane
Story Synopsis: A girl gets some surprise fun from her roommate and his friend.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Mar 14, 2007

Bimbo/Slut | Humiliation

Sissy Boy Delight  by Alona
Story Synopsis: A woman describes the special kiss she shares with her panty boy.
Rated X / Non-Series / Complete / Mar 12, 2007

Female Dominant

A Cheap Hooker  by erica h slut
Story Synopsis: My first time as a tranny hooker.
Rated X / Non-Series / Complete / Mar 04, 2007


8 Way  by erica h slut
Story Synopsis: Fucked by 2 and sucked 6. Mmm!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Feb 13, 2007


Sissy Auction  by Master
Story Synopsis: Masters and Mistresses have a weekend sissy auction at a local hotel. A Master finds a new home for his present sissy as she finds 2 more.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Feb 12, 2007

Bimbo/Slut | Bondage | Chastity | Cuckold | Discipline | Female Dominant | Humiliation | Inter-Racial | Male Dominant | Piercings | Sex Toys | Very High Heels

My Panty Boy Love  by Alona
Story Synopsis: A woman describes how well her cross dressing lover services her.
Rated X / Non-Series / Complete / Jan 25, 2007

Female Dominant

Going to the Movies Dressed  by Judy Ann
Story Synopsis: I'm just a slut at the movies.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Jan 23, 2007

Bimbo/Slut | Homo-Sexuality

Two CD Sissies Night of Total Reckless Slutiness  by DIXIE CD
Story Synopsis: It was a contest behind closed doors to determine the Gay Club's best Cocksucker of the Year award. While that was indeed hot, the no-holds-barred orgy that followed was indeed far more erotic and wild.
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Jan 22, 2007

Bimbo/Slut | Male Dominant

Help Wanted (Part 2)  by Garter Belt
Story Synopsis: I answered an ad in a newspaper for a companion position and the job interview was for me to go into his bedroom and strip naked for him.
Rated X / Series / Chapters Pending / Jan 21, 2007

Male Dominant

Melody's Sexual Awakening  by Melody
Story Synopsis: The true story of Melody's first sexual encounter as a crossdresser with a man in an adult theater.
Rated X / Non-Series / Complete / Jan 21, 2007


Ladderd Stockings  by paul
Story Synopsis: Who knows what might happen when you think you're alone with time to explore and play dress up. You never know when the neibours might come calling!
Rated XXX / Non-Series / Complete / Dec 31, 2006

Blackmail | Bondage | Caught Dressing | Female Dominant | Humiliation | Sex Toys

1st Birthday as Genevieve  by Gennifer X
Story Synopsis: While celebrating a quiet birtday at home, Genevieve is discovered. And turned into a real woman.
Rated R / Non-Series / Complete / Dec 27, 2006

Caught Dressing | Homo-Sexuality | Humiliation

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