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Look, Ladies, His Boobies! by brianna2 - Brianna, forced by his wife to serve as a maid at a party of her girlfriends, ponders the steps and traps that led her from Ian to Brianna in just a few short months.
Rated X / Series / Chapters Pending / Feb 06, 2006
Look, Ladies, His Boobies! (Part 2) by brianna2 - Ian / Brianna is forced to undergo breast, hip and buttocks augmentation surgery by his dominant wife Janet, who has become the lesbian lover of the lady doctor performing the operation!
Rated R / Series / Chapters Pending / Oct 26, 2006
Transformation Assembly Line by brianna2 - A young man is imprisoned in a private dungeon to prevent him from receiving an inheritance. He joins an unusual assembly-line of captive males doomed to transformation, but manages to retain his sense of humor.
Rated X / Series / Chapters Pending / Feb 06, 2006
Transformation Assembly Line (Part 2) by brianna2 - Our captured hero (soon to be heroine) is taken by his Mistress-dresser into her boudoir for the night and there initiated into the mysteries of female cloning!
Rated X / Series / Chapters Pending / Oct 26, 2006

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