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My First "Time" (Part 1) by Jill Taylor - I am a very lucky woman! I am in transition and my work allows me to do so with a minimum of problems. This story describes the wonderful adventure of my first business trip as the woman of my dreams.
Rated R / Series / Chapters Pending / Aug 14, 2006
My First "Time" (Part 2) by Jill Taylor - Having finished her relaxing warm bubble bath and shaving her legs until they are silky smooth, Jill begins getting ready for what will be an unexpectedly unforgettable evening.
Rated XXX / Series / Chapters Pending / Aug 15, 2006
My First "Time" (Part 3) by Jill Taylor - Jill is dressed and feeling more beautiful than ever before. As she gazes in the full length mirror, she hopes she will be pleasing and attractive to the man she is about to see for the first time.
Rated R / Series / Chapters Pending / Apr 24, 2007

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