Tim has a special relationship with Tanya. They talk about everything sexual, trust each other fully, and keep everything they discuss between themselves only. they are very close friends. Tim has an online relationship with an old female friend Michelle. They have a heated argument. Tim believes that a person who is a complete novice at sucking cock can learn how to suck cock by practicing cocksucking skills with dildos and once they develop their oral skills on the dildos those very skills can be successfully used to give a real-life blowjob. MIchelle argues that Tim is wrong on both counts. Privately, Tim decides to prove that MIchelle is wrong and he is right.

Tim goes to Tanya, explains the argument and with Tanya's guidance buys some dildos and practices cocksucking techniques until he gets so good at sucking and deepthroating the dildos that Tanya calls him a "Natural Cocksucker". With full knowledge of the argument Tanya tells Tim that, "It is now time for the real thing. Besides, there is nothing more exciting than when a real live cock shoot a load of cum down your throat." With Tanya's help they find an attractive shemale escort with an 8 inch cock for Tim to prove that his newfound skills are transferable. And Tim heads off to the shemale's apartment full of anxiety in the belief that sucking cock may compromise his masculinity.

Tim sucks the shemale escort's cock and makes her cum. He even films himself as he does it. He was disappointed that the shemale escort would NOT let him swallow her cum, he was still happy. He had not changed at all. He was proud of what he did and felt he did a good job. And when he showed Tanys the videos of him sucking cock she told him, "I am so proud of you Tim! You really are a cocksucker now!" They talked about it more. When Tim told Tanya that he was surprised that he LOVED sucking cock, would have no problem sucking cock again, was disappointed that he could not swallow cum like he wanted to, and wished that the shemale's cock was even longer than 8 inches so he could further test his deepthroat skills Tanya told Tim,

"Tim, you need to suck more cock! And her cock is so thick! You should go back to that shemale and let her fuck you then find another shemale who will let you swallow her cum."

Tim thought about it. What should he do?

Nothing. He has no need to suck another cock as he proved he was right and Michelle was wrong.
Follow Tanya's advice and find a new shemale and suck her cock and swallow her cum then go back to the first shemale and lose his anal virginity to her.
Forget anal sex. Find a new shemale with a long cock who will let him swallow her cum. Visit her for two hours and give her three blowjobs deepthroating her each time and swallowing her cum each time and see if he still likes sucking cock after he gives three more blowjobs.
Without telling Tanya, Tim should visit an adult bookstore gloryhole and suck several anonymous cocks and swallow the cum. Tim should do this because he knows he likes to suck cock and he wants to do it again. So he should determine if it is the shemale cock that he likes to suck or is it the cock itself (even if it belongs to a man).

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy MadelineSmutty, February 2, 2024
Thinking back a man who has received quite a few blowjobs in his life realizes that the majority of the blowjobs he has received have not been especially good. One day he is witness to three women talking candidly about their own experiences sucking cock. He is surprised to hear the girls say things like, "It is too hard for me," and "It makes me gag," and "There is a reason why they call it a job, haha." Hearing all of these objections the man is amazed and thinks, "sucking cock can NOT be that hard nor that objectionable!"

The man goes to a female friend who has sucked his cock before and is better at it than most. He asks her how she learned to be so proficient at sucking cock. She tells him she learned to suck cock by performing the same oral techniques on dildos. The man explained to his friend about the group of girls, their objections to sucking cock, and how he felt it could not be that hard. So, when his female friend suggested that he buy himself some dildos and find out for himself he made up his mind to do exactly that!

The man bought several dildos. Two-sided jel dildos. Long dildos. Fat dildos. Ejaculating dildos. And he practiced sucking the dildos as if he were sucking a cock. He practiced in different ways, in different positions, practiced deepthroating, and practiced swallowing fake cum. And after only a few weeks of practicing he DID experience improved oral skills and techniques.

However, during his weeks of practicing oral techniques by emulating blowjob skills on his dildos, the man was surprised by the sudden emergence of other experiences. If you were a sissy learning to suck cock by practicing oral techniques daily for several weeks, as your cocksucking skills improved what other experiences might materialize for you over the weeks?

An increase in enjoyment when performing oral techniques,
An increase in the frequency one performs oral techniques,
A realization that performing oral techniques is now easier to perform,
An increase in desire to perform oral techniques,
A manifestation of sexual arousal when performing oral techniques.

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy MadelineSmutty, February 2, 2024
An attractive yet submissive girl dated a good-looking guy. Since he had low self-esteem, he was a dick to her. He hit her, stole from her, treated her like shit until when he cheated on her with her best friend, she broke up with him. She left her man with a deep hatred for him vowing to get him back one day. Something in her snapped so she began to behave like a slut. This resulted in her realizing that she was no longer submissive but had become sexually dominant.

One day she ran into her old dick of a boyfriend, remembered her vow to get him back, and quickly developed a plan. Now even more attractive and much more confident she pretended that she was sexually attracted to her ex and offered to repeatedly have sex with him if he would participate in a BDSM relationship with her as her submissive to her dominant. Leary as he was since he still had low self-esteem and did love fucking his ex-girlfriend he agreed. And they began. Unknown to the man, the girl still hated the man still and planned to get back at him by feminizing him slowly and patiently until she had made him so submissive, he would be turned into a sissy forever.

Which step below do you think is the step when completed would be the point of no return for the man (considering the constant coercion and pressure by his ex-girlfriend to fully complete his sissy training) where he would then be unable to quit participation in future steps and would ultimately become a complete sissy girl.

Butt plug training
Implement orgasm schedule
Giving up orgasm control
Sissy encouragement hypno video training
Orgasm denial
Chastity with cock cage
First strap-on fuck
Anal dildo training
Additional strap-on fucking
Cumming only when being strap-on fucked
Shopping & wearing girl clothes & having his male name replaced with a female name
Blowjob strap-on training
Deepthroat strap-on training
Strap-on fucked dressed in girl clothes
Cum eating training
Learn to have an anal orgasm
Cum only from anal orgasm from being strap-on fucked
Repeatedly giving blowjobs to real men's cocks until he loves cock and craves cum.
Repeatedly being fucked by real men's cocks until he craves a big cock inside him and can't cum without a real cock in his ass.
Dressing as a female and sucking and fucking several men with pleasure and desire.

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy MadelineSmutty, February 2, 2024
You are a regular, heterosexual male named Michael. Your best friend is an attractive lesbian female named Amanda who is also sexually dominant. You are both single, sexually open-minded, have very high libidos, and are both attracted to one another but you never have sex because although you like girls, so does she. One day Amanda offers to have engage in sex with you if you will take on the role of her sexual submissive to her sexual dominant. You both agree to begin countinuing daily hourly Dom/Sub sessions starting the very next day.

In the following days Amanda introduces you to using butt plugs, has you use the butt plugs longer each day, has you use larger butt plugs, has you promise to only cum when you have a butt plug in, has you give control of your orgasms up to her, has you start addressing her as Mistress Mandy, has you stop cumming altogether, and when you are so horny from the plugs and not cumming for over a week, she strap-on fucks you for the first time. Then she strap-on fucks you a second time with a larger dildo. Then a third time. Every day she fucks you so you only get to cum when she is fucking you. She dresses you in girls clothes and makeup every time she fucks you and now calls you Michelle. She begins to teach you to blow and deepthroat her dildos and one day as she is working her strap-on dildo 8 inches in and out of your throat as she says to you,

"Deepthroat my big cock Michelle! You are becoming such a good cocksucker. Every day we are getting closer and closer to you taking a real cock!"

You begin to wonder where Mistress Mandy's future dominant/submissive sex sessions will end up if you continue with the sessions.
What do you feel will be the end result for Micael if he continues the sessions with Mistress Mandy?

Mistress Mandy will continue strap-on fucking Michelle and will train him to be a good cocksucker for her but that is it.
Mistress Mandy will continue strap-on fucking and feminizing Michelle until he looks, moans, begs, and acts like a girl every time she fucks him.
Mistress Mandy will continue strap-on fucking and feminizing Michelle, and train him to cum only from being strap-on fucked so he looks, moans, begs, acts, and CUMS like a girl every time she fucks him.
In addition to training Michelle to crave cock in her ass and become fully feminized when being fucked, Mistress Mandy will train him to crave cum.
MIchelle will be trained to crave cock in her ass, behave & cum like a girl when fucked, and learn to suck real cock and love it.
MIchelle will be trained to crave cock in her ass, behave & cum like a girl when fucked, learn to suck real cock and learn to be fucked by real cock.
MIstress Mandy will continue training all of the man out of Michael until Michelle is so submissive that she is a complete sissy for life.

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy MadelineSmutty, February 2, 2024
You are a regular, heterosexual male. You have had several blowjobs before but most girls seem to struggle mentally and/or physically while sucking your 7 1/2 inch cock. You come to the conclusion that sucking cock can't be that hard... they must be doing something wrong. I could do better than that. You decide to prove the point! You find an attractive shemale escort with a big cock and successfully suck her cock and make her cum. You gave your first blowjob!

To your surprise, after it was all said and done, you were proud of yourself for sucking cock. You did well at it too. But most of all you enjoyed sucking cock WAY more than you would have ever imagined!

You proved to yourself that sucking cock is NOT as hard as some girls make it out to be but also you learned that you like to suck cock!
So, now what should you do?

Do nothing. You have no need to suck cock anymore. You proved it is not that hard.
Accept that you like sucking cock so much that you would have no problems sucking cock a second time but make no immediate plans to do anything about it.
Visit the same shemale escort a second time and give her another blowjob.
Visit the same shemale escort for a longer time and give her three blowjobs in different positions to gain experience.
Visit the same shemale escort a second time. Have her girlfriend join (also a shemale) and spend your time giving them three blowjobs each.
Visit the same shemale escort a second time. Have her boyfriend join. Spend your time sucking the shemale's cock and also suck her boyfriend's cock to see if you like sucking a man's cock too.
Visit the local adult bookstore. Go to the booth with a gloryhole. Suck as a many cocks as you want to until you feel you are full of cum and see if you still like sucking dick.

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy MadelineSmutty, February 2, 2024
When a sexually dominant female wishes to turn a man into a sissy, a very productive way to start feminizing him is through butt plug training.
The following end results all justify why a proficient butt plug training program is so effective in starting a man on his journey to being a sissy.

Which three of the following 13 butt plug training end results do you believe is MOST IMPORTANT to accomplish during butt plug training to successfully start your sissification efforts?

(3 choice max)
Acclimating him to anal penetration so he becomes comfortable with anal stimulation.
Breaking down resistance to eventually being strap-on penetration by the dominant female.
Conditioning his sexual mindest from being a 'Sexual Penetrator' to being a 'Sexual Receiver'.
Preparing him to be ready for the dildo he will eventually be using anally.
Desensitizing him to activities which he views as shameful and would undermine further sissification efforts.
Anally training him to take bigger and thicker plugs to stretch him for the large strap-on dildos he will soon be penetrated by.
Implying submission by reminding him that the filled up feeling inside is a reminder that he is controlled by the dominent female.
Eventually instilling in him a craving to be sexually stimulated by anal penetration.
Instill in him a desire to perform oral sex which accompanies the sexual arousal of being anally stimulated.
Getting him comfortable with the feeling of being sexually stimulated in a feminine manner.
Embracing femininity as the his male ego resistance is crumbled by continued sexual arousal from anal penetration.
Desire to be anally penetrated by cock as he accepts being aroused anally by a cock-shaped object.
Making him conscious of the belief that his ass is owned by the domniant female now.

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy MadelineSmutty, February 2, 2024
This is for doms and masters
What do you like your sissy to be dressed in

mini skirt and top
Mini dress
maid outfit
school girl outfit

Hide your vote in detailed results? No   Yes

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Tanya Martin, February 1, 2024
What should my sissy mouth be used for?

(5 choice max)
To suck cock only?
To swallow cum?
To swallow piss?
To swallow shit?
To swallow enemas?

Hide your vote in detailed results? No   Yes

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Sammi The Toilet, February 1, 2024
How many sissy have had BBC?
Truth please


View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy sissy sue pa, January 30, 2024
How many of you have actually tasted a real dick?

I have
I have not
I want to
I'm about to soon

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Somakoi, January 29, 2024
What is the best color sheer lingerie to wear other than black


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View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Tanya Martin, January 28, 2024
SISSY-QUIZ PART 4.. HOW BIG OF A SISSY ARE YOU? Select the choices that best describes you. Add up your points and Message me your SCORE. (?/46) UPDATE YOUR SCORE!

(20 choice max)
Worn panties [1]
Cum to sissy porn/Sissy Hypno [1]
Thought about another man's cock [1]
Taken Slutty Sissy Pics [1]
Touched a Real cock [1]
Orgasm to sissy captions [1]
Worn makeup to look pretty [2]
Used Dildo [2]
Fingered your ass [2]
Used a Buttplug [2]
Jerked another man's cock [2]
Sucked a Cock [2]
Recieved a Facial [3]
Swallowed a man's cum [3]
Fucked by a Man [3]
Got throat fucked [3]
Gone outside dressed like a Girl [3]
Got fucked alongside another sissy [4]
Got fucked by 2+ Men at once [4]
Have started HRT and ready to transition [5]

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Somakoi, January 28, 2024
Out of these, What do you look for the most in a Dom or a guy?

(3 choice max)

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Somakoi, January 28, 2024
What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re with a man

(5 choice max)
Get on your knees and blow him hard
Make out with him
Bend over and make him fuck you
Get tied up and dominated
Be his girlfriend/wife

Hide your vote in detailed results? No   Yes

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Chloe Williams, January 23, 2024
Usually when i suck a man's hard cock for him

his cock goes inside my throat.
he fucks me in my mouth.
he cums inside my mouth.
he cums all over my face.
it's just so he can fuck me in my ass later.

Hide your vote in detailed results? No   Yes

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy candi lacy, January 22, 2024
The main reason i keep getting invited back to the party is

because of my face.
because of my lips.
because of my mouth.
because of my boobs.
because of my ass.

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View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy candi lacy, January 22, 2024
Do you prefer your dominant man to be..

Average looking

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Somakoi, January 22, 2024
Where do you prefer to receive cum?

(2 choice max)
i hate cum

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View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Sissy Slut Oliver, January 15, 2024
I know I don't look like a very feminine sissy. So this series of questions is for mistresses and daddy's alike. Would you use my sissy pussy and mouth?

(2 choice max)
Yes, but once a week
Yes, but once a day
Yes, get over here cumslut and fuck me all day long
No , you are just a sissy faggot

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Jenny Victoria, January 9, 2024
How far can you deepthroat?

Less than 4 inches
4-6 inches
6-8 inches
8-10 inches
More than 10 inches

Hide your vote in detailed results? No   Yes

View Results | View Detailed ResultsBy Sissy Slut Oliver, January 8, 2024
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