Don't worry. Just because I won't allow AOL email accounts, doesn't mean that you can't register for Club Sissy.

All you need to do is use a non-AOL email account. If you already have an existing non-AOL email account, you're welcome to use that. If you don't, you can register for a free email account at any of the following sites:

Gmail / Inbox / Hotmail / Yahoo / Sissify / FastMail

I apologize for any trouble. Unfortunately, I've had a number of issues with legitimate ClubSissy email being incorrectly tagged and deleted as spam by AOL without even appearing in the person's spam box. It was confusing and a true 'dis-service' to everybody.

I hope that you understand and decide to register anyway.

Hugs and Sissy Kisses,
bimbo wannabe

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