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SissySchool Blog - A Tumblr like Blog with selected pictures about sissys in latex/rubber, chastity or tight restraints.    (Added Apr 24, 2024)
SissySchool Blog - A Tumblr like Blog with selected pictures about sissys in latex/rubber, chastity or tight restraints.    (Added Apr 24, 2024)
My exposure - My exposure link. Hopefully it won't last too long.    (Added Aug 08, 2019) - Want some sex romance? Clubsissy    (Added Oct 17, 2018)
Shannyn Comes Alive - Transgender girl blog.    (Added Sep 05, 2018)
Joan Cairo Vids - Videos of a girly gurl showing her fashions
frilly, prissy, ribbons and bows    (Added Jul 22, 2018)
Dionne's fap page - Just my little page on imagefap    (Added Mar 25, 2018)
Teals Sissy dreams and desires - Teals aspirations    (Added Dec 04, 2016)
Barbara the transvestite wife - The story and the images of Mrs. Barbara and how she became a "real" wife, starting from her sissy boy state.    (Added Jul 26, 2016)
TransBetty - Blog about transgender issues, photos, tips and tricks for trannies, my reflections on nowadays society.    (Added May 22, 2015)
Ashlyhan - Come with me    (Added Aug 22, 2014)
SISSY FAGGOT ANALWHORE - sissy faggot analwhore blog
   (Added Jul 16, 2014)
fabienne barbie sissy slut - an husband forced sissy by his wife who's her mistress. he is exhib in front of mens for slut and fuck dressed like maid or faggot.    (Added Jun 03, 2013)
Mistess Scarlet's Blog - I am a lifestyle Mistress with a slave in 24/7 chastity who is often forced to dress and role play as a schoolgirl, maid, little girl or sissy boy. I am alsways looking for other real Mistresses to double dom our sissy slaves.    (Added Mar 06, 2011)
Smitty's TG Caps - A collection of explicit TG caps. It features a variety of full transformation caps as well as crossdressing and shemale caps. (link for club sissy is at the bottom of the page)    (Added Sep 14, 2010)
TRANZ LAURA - Personal website of a lifestyle cross dresser.    (Added Nov 08, 2009)
Let's Get SRS - A blog following my transition from Day 1 onJuly 15th 2009 to SRS    (Added Jul 17, 2009)
maid diane's sissy blog - A running blog of sissy diane's feminization progress under the control of Mistress Cassie    (Added Oct 01, 2008)
sissymaid - sissymaid lifestyle in Italy    (Added Apr 09, 2008)
Brianna T-Girl - Brianna Leeson is a 31 year old t-girl from Portland, Oregon. This is her profile page with personal photos, web portfolio and transgender links.    (Added Apr 24, 2006)
Silki at urnotalone - Silki's profile at U R Not Alone    (Added Dec 11, 2005)
Micheline Montreuil - The Transgender Girl - Reference websites for transgendered, transvestite and transexual issues by Micheline Montreuil, a transgender who lives her life full time as a woman and who loves wearing lovely and sexy female clothing in silk, satin, leather, latex, vinyl and PVC and who loves BDSM.    (Added Sep 05, 2004)

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