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Calling All Techies!

Please do not post art that you did not personally create. While it is definitely enjoyed, it will unfortunately need to be removed due to copyright issues.

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a transvestite tale (14)

my new book it is for sale on ebay

Mar 16, 2007

Suzan's gallery (12)

Maids: gurls and girls

Mar 15, 2007

kathy's drawings (8)

Thanks for looking! i hope some of my drawings please you. :)

Mar 07, 2007

simple drawings (10)

some simple drawings by Petronella

Mar 06, 2007

Prissy's Sissies (5)

Pretty boys forced to become sweet frilly little girls by strict Aunts, Mummies and high-heeled Mistresses.

Feb 28, 2007

jessi's world (2)

this proves i have way too much time on my hands giggles

Feb 26, 2007

Sissy Train (20)

pix of sissies, t-gyrls and shebois and their lovers

Feb 20, 2007

Sissy DeLys (1)

An original sketch of me reading in my petticoats. I'm a petticoated sissy and love it!

Jan 26, 2007

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